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06-07-2019 | 07-07-2019
Province Sud

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Transcal Mobil is a 1 or 2 day nature raid. It runs at 3, mixed team or unisex. The distances are variable (2x 25 km, 25 km, 12 km and 5 km + 1 trans Kids). A true New Caledonian institution, this great sporting and popular event gathers every year nearly 1000 participants, motivated, curious and looking for challenges. This 28 th edition will take place on July 6 and 7, 2019 in the South Province. Behind the development and practice of Sport Nature, this race aims to promote health through sport, to educate practitioners to the exceptional New Caledonian environment, to go outdoor tourism, to discover life in tribe with of these inhabitants, to enhance team spirit: to offer participants a sporting, cultural and human adventure! </ p>


Transcal MobilTranscal Mobil

The Mobil Transcal is the showpiece event! Around 25km* a day over two days, making a total of over 50...
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Trans Découverte Air CalédonieTrans Découverte Air Calédonie

Mobil Transcal’s little sister, the Trans Découverte is a 25-kilometre race with breathtaking views. The Trans Découverte is THE way to...
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Trans Cool Optic 2000Trans Cool Optic 2000

The 12-km Trans Cool Optic 2000 is pure pleasure. It’s both a quick trek over a short distance and a...
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Trans Junior EPUREAUTrans Junior EPUREAU

La Trans UNSS/USEP EPUREAU regroupe deux courses et un parcours santé pour tous les élèves scolarisés de la CM2(USEP) aux...
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Trans Santé ASS-NCTrans Santé ASS-NC

The ASSNC Trans Santé is aimed at everyone: 6 km of effort in an idyllic setting, a 6-km accessible walk...
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Trans KidsTrans Kids

Sport, fun activities and arts and crafts, all in an outdoor setting: your children have dreamt of this and the...
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Pendant que papa et maman gambadent, les équipes de la Transcal s’occupent de vos Bout’chou. La garderie, encadré par des...
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