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Who are we ?

Once upon a time there was Transcal …

In October 1991, Jean-Paul Grangeon and Jeanne Hosken, in partnership with the South Pacific Commission, organized a conference on lifestyle-related diseases, including inaction, which can have serious consequences for health. .

Indeed, it was during this conference that took place at the same time as the “Raid Gauloise” was born the idea of ​​making a great hike also allowing competitors to combine in the sporting event the discovery of beautiful landscapes.

Since 1991, the objectives of the association “DEFI SANTE” which organized the Transcaledonian were first of all, and that is what justified at the time the name of the association and the desire to show another image of sport, that of an activity that would not be sponsored by brands of toxic products for health. This is indeed a challenge, as these events are costly, and the product industries such as alcohol and tobacco have realized the immense impact of identifying their products with sports events. The financial contribution provided by these products often makes them indispensable. It is in this spirit that the association “TRANSCAL” continues to register. Indeed, thanks to the institutions and many sponsors, we have been able to prove that it was possible to do without it.

Caledonians are sportsmen, it’s true. But a test like Transcalédonienne requires each participant to a healthy lifestyle throughout the year: regular sports training, good diet, no abuse of alcohol or tobacco … “A healthy body in a healthy spirit “is a little the credo of the Transcaledonians.

The essence of this hike is also the rapprochement of all Caledonians. Understanding different ways of life and cultures, discovering others, exchanging ideas, returning to where we had a good weekend and making friendships means being in the current dynamic of the country. We want to preserve this soul, at our level.

To make everyone love Caledonia and its magical landscapes. Discover its contrasts, the varied colors ranging from the misty purple of the dawn to the floating orange of the evening, the spicy scents of the niaoulis, the lost valleys and the arduous peaks … Shiver in the early morning and look for the shade at noon, listen the songs of the birds in the forests and the wind blow in the columnar pines, to see a doe and to deviate at the passage of a wild pig, to walk sometimes without thinking of anything, if not to the beauty of the landscape …

Finally, allow some to exceed their limits, improve their performance and win.

The Transcaledonian is a bit like the Spanish inn: you can find what you bring.

All participating members of the organization bring their generosity, their motivation, their time. The best recognition they can have is when a participant, between two events, identify them, expresses his emotion and seeks to know the course of the next Trans …

Les Transcalédoniennes :

2001 : POE-KAORA
2005 : THIO-LA FOA
2012 : KONE
2013 : OUATOM
2014 : KONE
2016 : POYA
2017 : BOURAIL

Race Direction

A more accessible route and distances

Our goal is for as many people as possible to cross the finish line </ em>”. Forgotten the 30% of abandonment of the previous years, the mission of this direction of joint race is to offer you a “ Transcal Mobil of dream </ em>”!

A Transcal easier? Not really ! More than 50km await you this year on the Transcal Mobil.

And if each participant tries to mount his Dream Team of 3 runners, the Transcal Association has managed a big challenge: “Gather the Transcal spirit within its race management! ”

Recognized sportsmen and ultra-confirmed raiders, Olivier Limozin, Didier Fabre, Frank Aïta, Eric Becker and Jean-René Reb have at least 5 Transcal including 10 victories. They are in charge of the definition of the courses. Their experience and their passion are undeniable assets for the association, as well as for you, the future raiders!


Volunteers: a great team at your service!

The Transcal Mobil is a great team work … If the slogan of the riders could be “ three, get together “, that of the organization is: “ Together, otherwise nothing! 

Whether on the village, on the PCs, on the course or in the kitchen, under the medical tents, on departure or on arrival, nearly 150 people work anonymously and dynamically to achieve a common goal. Levels before the competitors, lying often after the sportsmen, they have only one objective: To make the Transcal Mobil a great success!

They believe in the values ​​of sport, the strength of the collective, the importance of surpassing oneself. They are aware that individually and by team, you have moved to meet a challenge: “ participate in Transcal Mobil, and whatever the distance, complete your raid!” 

At your disposal and at your service, they are the soul of the Transcal, it is they, this “army of volunteers” who make the annual meeting of the “Raid Nature Caledonian” possible.

Some have been in operation for months, others will join us on D-Day. Some have been involved for 28 years, others for 10 days. Thank you all and let Transcal Mobil bring us together for at least a quarter of a century!

Long live this team work! Long live all the volunteers of Transcal Mobil!

The word of the president

TRANSCAL MOBIL is the oldest Caledonian raid. Created in 1992 to respond to public health needs, it allows Caledonians to visit all of New Caledonia through its tribes and municipalities always very invested, and promotes the “living together”.

Always in team of 3, the spirit of the raid is united and cultivates the desire to surpass itself. This year, more than ever, the TRANSCAL MOBIL wants to live up to its ambitions with novelties such as the races adapted for all and affiliated to the New Caledonian Athletics League, or a village of animations for the children and the public, to allow everyone to share a moment of conviviality.

TRANSCAL MOBIL will also be at the forefront of technology with a drone and a TV crew that will film all races and transcribe “live” on Facebook and on the giant screen of the village animations. Also, a short film session on Saturday evening, in partnership with the La Foa Film Festival, will be organized, so that culture is also at the heart of this event.

Our new team is motivated and not lacking in dynamism, it has even called on a more than experienced leadership to make the safety of the participants one of its priorities and to offer, this year, a truly original plot.

Like the private partners who have also trusted us and who have committed themselves over three years to offer this raid the opportunity to open up internationally next year and thus become a reference raid in the world. Pacific!

So that everyone brings his good mood, his courage and endurance, his sportsmanship, his cooler and his friends, and that the best wins!

Le président
Paul Antoine GRANGEON

Word of the partner

Mobil International Petroleum Corporatoin in New Caledonia has always focused its priorities on very strong fundamentals related to security, the integrity of its operations and ethics in the conduct of its business. These intrinsic values ​​of our company require a constant commitment from our employees, constant effort and perseverance at all times so that no one gets hurt in our facilities and to meet our environmental expectations by protecting tomorrow, today.

Mobil through the ExxonMobil Group around the world, is constantly seeking to evolve the society in which we live and is committed to helping meet the world’s growing energy needs, while balancing the challenges of sustainable development – balancing economic growth , social development and environmental protection. Mobil is a source of energy and contributes every day to the improvements of tomorrow.

It is on these commitments that Mobil has wished to be the main partner of TRANSCAL Mobil and to be associated with the values ​​brought by this sports event. Safety and Respect for the Environment, Performance and Perseverance, Solidarity and Cohesion are the prerequisites for participating in TRANSCAL. Mobil, who recognizes this, wishes to lend its support to promote these values ​​to all those who wish to realize themselves in the accomplishment of this sporting adventure.

Energy is life and Mobil is determined to provide the necessary energy for TRANSCAL and all its followers to make this event a success and become a must event in Caledonia and beyond.

Directeur général Mobil Nouvelle Calédonie