The Trans Junior is the race for young sports people, a challenge to share with classmates or a group of friends. A cross-country race for high school pupils that is run in the great outdoors, with the joys of bivouacking too!

It’s a team race, with each single-sex or mixed team consisting of 3 people, over the same course as the Trans Cool Optic 2000.

Date : Saturday, 7th July 2018 at 9:30 am.

Minimum age requirement: Aged 14 and over (written parental consent is mandatory).

In order to be entered, the team must be complete and have submitted the application no later than 27th June. From 18th June to 27th June, entry fees will increase by 25%. So, enter as soon as possible

Entry fees for the event are set at XPF4,500 per team if the person competing is a member of the UNSS (French National School Sports Union) or XPF6,000 per team for competitors who are not UNSS members. Between 18th June and 27th June, fees will then be XPF5,625 per team for competitors who are UNSS members or XPF7,500 per team for non-UNSS members. (including a technical T-shirt and cap for those who make it to the finish line).

Course: 14 km*.

All registrations are made via the website

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