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The Mobil Transcal is the showpiece event! Around 25km* a day over two days, making a total of over 50 kilometres amid the beautiful scenery of New Caledonia.

The Mobil Transcal, you’ve prepared for it. It’s one of your goals for the year and you’ll have a great time! Two days of running, jogging and/or walking. Two days of drawing on your reserves, in order to say to yourselves on Sunday: “Hey, Team, we did it!”

The 3-person teams are mixed. There are also single-sex categories for women’s teams and men’s teams but the overall winner of the Mobil Transcal will be the 1st mixed team.

Minimum age requirement: Aged 18 and over.

In order to be entered, the team must be complete and have submitted the application no later than 27th June. From 18th June to 27th June, entry fees will increase by 25%. So, enter as soon as possible

Entry fees for the event are set at XPF10,000 per person from 7th May to 17th June, and XPF12,500 per person from 18th to 27th June. Teams . (including breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning, plus a technical T-shirt and cap for those who make it to the finish line).


Course: Day 1 – 27 km / Day 2 – 25 km*.

*The exact route and gradient details will be revealed a fortnight before the event.

Depart on Saturday at 7 am.

Depart on Sunday at 7 am. Meeting at 6 am for the departure of the bus

Prize giving ceremony: Sunday at 2.30 pm.

All registrations are made via the website

2600m D+


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