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The 12-km Trans Cool Optic 2000 is pure pleasure. It’s both a quick trek over a short distance and a walk in the bush, where you’d almost “have time to take your time,” although not too much, as you still need to try and be back for the prize-giving ;-).
Do you feel like gazing at the wonderful natural scenery around you, listening to birdsong, “running” from a charging wild pig, … Go for the Trans Cool Optic 2000!

Minimum age requirement: The event is open to competitors aged over 14 if accompanied by their parents or an accompanying adult (with mandatory parental authorisation), or to people over 16 years old with parental authorisation.

The 3-person teams are mixed or single-sex.

Entry fees for the event are set at XPF 4,000 per person,  (including a technical T-shirt, an eco cup and cap for those who make it to the finish line).

Course: 12 km*.

Depart on Saturday 6th July at 9.00 am.


NCm D+


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